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How to Help?

There are two simple ways to make donations and help with Casa do Caminho’s mission:

What does it mean, to be a Philanthropist?

Being a philanthropist is being a missionary, open to fraternity and sharing, someone who understands that when you help another human being, you are helping yourself.

It means being a carrier of hope! Because, even living in a world where there is a lot of selfishness and indifference, we can still find hearts capable of understanding that, in the history of humanity, we are just a flash. In brief time, we will stop existing, and others will occupy our place. That is why, we try to find a meaning to our existence while we are still in this world.

By helping, we show that the world will become a better place, as long as in it we can find men and women who are confident, free, loving and unselfish.

How do we Survive?

Comunidade Rural Casa do Caminho is a philanthropic nonprofit organization, developing projects along with the population of Xerém, at the Municipality of Duque de Caxias, in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

We don’t receive monetary help from the government. We depend 100% on the income that we manage to generate internally, along with donations of people who sympathize with our projects. We rent two houses that belong to the institution. These are cheap rentals, which frequently are not enough to cover our monthly expenses, for which it is important for us to have new ideas and projects to raise funds.


Organization Name:                   Comunidade Rural Casa do Caminho
CNPJ:                                       28 459.667 / 0001 - 76 
Account Number:                      130001016
Bank Number:                          033
Agency Number:                       4226
SWIFT Code (BIC):                   BSCHBRSPXXX
Bank Name:                             Banco Santander S/A
Bank Address:                          Rua Pastor Manoel Avelino Souza, 2894
District:                                   Xerém
City:                                       Duque de Caxias 
State:                                     Rio de Janeiro
CEP:                                       25250-000

Make a donation via Paypal:

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