Volunteer Application

We require that all volunteers read and understand the volunteer manual here before applying.
Please, include the national and regional prefixes.
Please, try to give us the closest dates you can.

About you

Are you able to raise money for Casa do Caminho?*

We have 4 questions so we can get to know you better. There are no right or wrong answers
Situation 1*: Imagine you are working at Casa do Caminho and you decided to paint the dining room. There is nobody around because the educator responsible at that day had to leave for an emergency. All other staff and volunteers left for a meeting. Suddenly you see 3 children fighting and breaking some toys that where recently donated. When you ask them with a serious voice to stop, they laugh and continue to fight and destructing the toys! What do you do?
Situation 2*: Imagine you are living in the volunteer house. You have had a long week working at the orphanage and your roommate Tom has left a chaos in the room and the bathroom and decided to leave to Rio de Janeiro to relax for the weekend since he had a tough week. Besides this, Tom and some other volunteers left a pile of dishes you would like to use. How will you react once you see Tom and the volunteers?
Situation 3*: One of the teenage boys/girls of Casa do Caminho has an eye on you. She/He is continuously trying to attract your attention in a sexually offensive way. Even when you tell her/him that you are not interested, he/she continuous. What would you do?
Situation 4*: You decided to work on a project together with an employee (56 years old) who has worked at the project for 20 years. You rapidly identify some aspects the staff member could improve. How would you pass on your knowledge to him/her?