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Casa do Caminho's orphanages care for about 30 children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18 in situations of socioeconomic and abusive risk. These children are sent by the Brazilian judiciary and live in one of our three houses situated in Xerém, Rio de Janeiro. There is Casa Beek (children 4-12), Casa Cam (girls 12-18), and Casa Heppenheim (boys age 12-18). The orphanage has existed for more than 30 years, and today the orphanage is staffed by a complementary team of brazilian employees and international volunteers.


Casa do Caminho works with a qualified and professional Brazilian team aided by committed volunteers from all over the world. Casa do Caminho administers a wide variety of projects that aim to offer complementary services to disadvantaged communities and individuals within Brazil. We select all of our volunteers and employees based on their level of commitment, affecton, professionalism, experience, maturity and what they have to offer the organization as a whole. And starting in the year 2013, all of our adolescents that turn 18 will have the opportunity to join the Comunidade Verde project to learn a profession in organic agriculture.   




  • Offer a safe home for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.

  • Offer support and advice to families so that their children might be returned to them as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Offer formal, social, sport, and cultural education to children so that they might become autonomous and happy adults.

  • Educate children and adolescents about the importance of our environment and how better to steward it. 

  • Raise a generation of adolescents with professional and educational opportunities upon their becoming adults.

  • Continiung investment of time, resources, and education into ex-residents that show maturity, capability, and interest.


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Casa do Caminho Abrigos e Voluntariado
Centro Cultural da Casa do Caminho

1) Orphanage for children and adolescents: We provide a home for children between the ages of 4-18 in three different houses in the community of Xerém in Rio de Janeiro state.

2) Centro Cultural: Located in Xerém, RJ. Offering a variety of educational opportunities to the community.

Casa do Caminho Language Centre

Comunidade Verde da Casa do Caminho

3) Escola de Línguas: offering language courses in the city of Rio de Janeiro, with all of the profits going to the support of Casa do Caminho's orphanages..

4) Comunidade Verde: trying to create a sustainable and self-sufficient community within Rio de Janeiro state.