Casa do Caminho's Orphanages

Casa Beek: Located in the community of Xerém, RJ. This is where our youngest children live (ages 4-12).

Aside from the children that live here, there is a staff on-site 24 hours a day. That staff includes 3 educators aided by the volunteer staff, and a cook/maid.
Casa Beek



The work of all of our volunteers and educators is supervised by a qualified staff that includes a pedagogue, psychologist, social worker, and administrator.


Where do our children come from?

The majority of them come from families without the resources or ability to raise children. When a judge from the municipality of Duque de Caxias determines a family incapable to caring for a child, they are sent to Casa do Caminho until the family can show that they are suitable and cabable again. Unfortunately, we also have many chidldren who were found wandering the streets without any family, and many others who were subject to both physical and sexual abuse from families destroyed by drug abuse and alcoholism. 


Casa do Caminho has the goal of becoming completely self-sustaining through the development of the Comunidade Verde thereby reducing our dependence on donations.

A Casa Beek situado em Xérem onde moram nossas crianças mais jovens (4-12 anos).
Casa Beek tem 2 andares, 5 quartos e um quintal para brincar.  Na casa tem 3 educadores que fazem plantões e 1 auxiliar que cozinha e ajuda na limpeza.  Na Casa Beek moram 10 crianças.